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User Video Guide

A short video series, showing you a step-by-step guide on how to use the QualEpass web app and platform.

Logging into The QualEpass Web Portal

A short demonstration of how-to login to the QualEpass web portal. Keep in mind, you must have an account with QualEpass before you can log in.

Adding Your Company’s Logo to Your Account

We show you how to add your company’s logo to your account. This ensures that your logo will be displayed on your employee’s QualEpass ID cards.

Creating an Employee Pass 

Step-by-step guide on how to create an employee within your company. Their details will be displayed on their QualEpass ID cards, as well as in the QualEpass mobile app.

Adding an Employee’s Certificate

We’ll go over how to correctly enter in an employee’s cert. 

Adding an Employee’s Picture to Their Pass

Adding an employee’s profile picture to their pass. This picture will be used on their QualEpass ID card.

How to Checkout

A short video detailing how to checkout with multiple passes.

Editing Your Images Before Upload

We’ll show you to edit your images before you upload them to the QualEpass web app.

Converting Your PDF Certs to Images

Using QualEpass’s PDF converter, you can convert your PDF files to jpg images. jpg is the preferred format on the QualEpass web portal and mobile app.

Editing Your Employee’s Certs

How to edit your employee’s certs or passes after you’ve already created them. There are times where you need to update or correct errors, this video will show a brief overview on how to do it.

Changing Your Password

A short, how to video on changing your password.

Register Free to Check QualEpass ID’s

You can register to check QualEpass ID’s for free on our web portal. Once you’ve registered you can use our app or the web portal itself to check credentials.

Checking Credentials Using the Web Portal

You can check a QualEpass ID’s credentials using the QualEpass web portal.

How to Install and Use the QualEpass Android App

We’ll show you how to download, install and use the QualEpass Android app.

Adding A User as An Account Manager

As an account manager, you can add a user to your account. You can make these users “Site Managers” so they can use the scan functions on the web app and use the free QualEpass app. These “Site Managers” won’t be able to add, edit or remove passes. They can only scan and add locations.

Creating an Equipment Pass

Each type of equipment is grouped under one pass. For example, all chainsaws would be under the chainsaw pass.